The kleenUP Crew

Kleenhealth Marketing South Africa exists to improve the quality of people’s lives in Africa. We aim to be the leader and innovator in long lasting bacteriological, Microbial, nanotechnology and Insect repellent solutions.

Water and Agriculture: Our Solutions restore the critical balance to water sources, dams, rivers, STW’s, WWT Pit Latrines and normal flush Toilets at the source. With Agriculture we boost the dissolved oxygen content in the water for healthier, stronger and higher yielding plants.

We have found that the Main concerns expressed by the WWT are typically:

  • Odour
  • Colour of the Clarifiers, and Aeration units and retention dams.
  • Non-compliant results of the outgoing effluent into the rivers
  • Waterborne diseases
  • Inefficient and overloaded Treatment Works

Our Solutions:

  • Reduce the Odours
  • Clearer Water
  • Clear compliant Effluent
  • Reduce Waterborne diseases CFU
  • Improve efficiency of Treatment Works
  • Return of bird and aquatic life

Our microbe ingredients must:

– Come from natural & organic resources

– Never contain animal by-products such as manure

Water is Life, Sanitation is dignity!

Let us help you achieve this!


Start with Why? Simon Sinek

Kyle: I like taking my kids Jaxon & Jasmine down to the river at Gilloolly’s & Morningside to feed the ducks. You See… the problem is that the ducks floats not just because they are ducks… but also because of the slick on the water…

So I wanted to do something small to help a bigger cause which is SAVING OUR RIVERS DAMS and WATER

Have you ever asked yourself; WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP PROTECT OUR WATER?  

How can we help to keep our Children Healthier in School and at Home?

We have kept our concept simple.

As the late Albert Einstein said. “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”



  • School Toilets
  • Home Toilets
  • Business Toilets
  • Government Toilets
  • Sports Toilets
  • Hotel Toilets
  • Bar Toilets

Our rivers get filled with our ground water on-route to our dams. Our dams as we know contain unhealthy levels of harmful bacteria and waterborne diseases. We are restoring the balance collectively and sooner than you think.

Just think for a minute?


1 Bottle of kleenUP Toilet Treatment contains “the original BILLION” 1,000,000,000,000 healthy bacteria

Flushing our – Probiotic for your toilet™ helps boost natures breaking down process and reduces the chances of spillages into our rivers, dams and breaks-down waterborne diseases. = CLEANER SMELLING RIVERS

We cannot fix the dam’s until we have fixed the river’s that flow into them.

We cannot fix the rivers until we protect the ground water flowing into the rivers.

We cannot restore the balance to the ecosystem until we start to restore the balance and reduce the level of waterborne diseases in the rivers that flow into them.

Like the Jukskei River flowing past our homes, cities and businesses ending up in the Luminious Green Hartebeerspoort Dam. 

By TREATING AT THE SOURCE we can all do our bit to protect our ground water.



I am sure by now you want to know what we do… Well its quite simple.

It requires no electricity, no heavy machinery, It works with nanotechnology which is absolutely minute and bioaugmentation with is bacteria that eats faeces.

The nano bonds to the surface on a molecular level… Ok that’s a bit higher grade but it protects for a long time. The Bio is a natural Probiotic for your Toilet™

and the next day there is no more poo smell.

It breaksdown the solids into liquids and in waterborne diseases and in 14-21 days the pit latrine is almost empty.

Therefore with 2 simple technologies we can overcome OUR MAJOR WATER AND SANITATION CHALLENGES and help to protect our water sources.

  • #TreatattheSource – for
  • #FreshandCleanToilets
  • #FreshandCleanRivers
  • #FreshandCleanDams

the kleenUP CREW – WATER, SANITATION and UPliftment Campaign through Job Creation, School Sanitation, NPO, Corporate Participation, Government & NGO Support and Celebrity Endorsement.

The restoration of South Africa’s rivers and dams will be completed using the approved kleenUP nanotechnology and bioaugmentation process which consists of the following: –

kleenUP Toilet Spray with HealthGuard nanotechnology

  1. By spraying the toilet, floor, walls and door surfaces with kleenUP  Toilet Spray to breakdown the urine crystal to remove the foul odours.
  1. With nanotechnology for long lasting protection against bacteria’s to reduce the spread of communicable diseases.


kleenUP Toilet Treatment

The restoration of South Africa’s sewerage treatment plants will be kick started by applying the approved kleenUP bioaugmentation solutions as follows: –

  1. Accelerating the biological breaking down to accommodate the hydraulic load and any broken equipment and non-functional sectors of the plant
  2. This process will reduce the suspended solid, COD, phosphates, nitrates, ammonia and any waterborne diseases to allow the final effluent to conform to discharge standards
  3. By preventing the contamination of the rivers and dams this will give South Africa time to do an accurate assessment of the proposed upgrades which will save the country billions of Rand

Removing the foul odours and reducing the harmful waterborne diseases.

kleenUP BioLake

  1. By applying kleenUP Biolake and other blends of harmless bacteria the cyanobacteria and undesirable aquatic weeds and grass will die through a biological removal of the food source through a starvation process.
  2. This process will restore the ecological equilibrium of the water bodies and rivers and get rid of waterborne diseases including cholera

When we PROTECT our ground water by treating all toilets at the Source.

Whether it’s a Pit Toilet, Flush Toilet, Septic Tank, Soak away… all Toilets CAN impact the ground water.

Removing the FOUL ODOURS and RESTORING NATURES BALANCE for the Pit and Flush toilet crisis in Africa we can and will bring it under control by CHANGING THE WAY WE FLUSH and implementing the kleenUP 100% harmless bacterial blend to biodegrade faecal waste and paper in the Pit and Flush Toilets without any harsh chemicals as follows: –

  1. The biological creation of a biomass in the pit of the Pit toilet will biodegrade the contents, remove the smell and waterborne diseases including cholera and render the pit empty after 4 to 15 days without contaminating the groundwater.
  2. The first and only biological maintenance of the pit will come in the form of a booster for your dishwashing liquid and hand soaps which will ensure the biological process is sustained.

The restoration of South Africa’s agricultural crisis through contaminated water sources will be remedied as follows

  1. By applying kleenUP Growth-X into the contaminated irrigation water the dissolved oxygen in the water will increase 600% thereby biodegrading the contaminants
  2. This increase in dissolved oxygen will stimulate the biological activity in the soil increasing the nutrients to the plants, which will restore and increase the yields

kleenUP BioLake

  1. By applying kleenUP Biolake and other blends of harmless bacteria the cyanobacteria and undesirable aquatic weeds and grass will die through a biological removal of the food source through a starvation process.

This process will restore the ecological equilibrium of the water bodies and rivers and get rid of waterborne diseases including cholera, diarrhea, Dysentery.

The above plan already in action is creating TRAINED and ACCOUNTABLE Social Entreprenuers (the kleenUP CREW) to Uplift Communities by restoring Cleaner Water and Hygienic Sanitation solutions through the kleenUP training. We have SETA Approved Training.

It is estimated that one Toilet services 25- 50 School Children or 5-7 Family Members

These toilets fill over a period of time resulting In:

  • -Smell
  • -Flies and Mosquitos
  • -Possibility of Waterborne Diseases

“We have a simple solution!”