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kleenUP Toilet Treatment

kleenUP Toilet Treatment breaks down foul odours within 24 hours, waterborne diseases, Fats, Oils and Greases to avoid build up or blocking.

Treating the toilet regularly creates a healthier environment. Helps create a hygienic toilet.

Fresh toilets all year round. Controls the build up of faeces, organic matter and reduces foul odours.




kleenUP Toilet Spray

Used to treat odours and bacteria relating to urine of human including bedwetting and incontinence, it removes mal odours and works extremely effectively, lasting a long, long time.

Removes germs that cause the odours, moulds and spores. Treat the affected environment to provide protection against bacteria and microbes that can trigger asthma and allergies. Enjoy an odour free environment Protect your bathrooms.

Fresh smelling toilet, beds, carpets all year round. Controls the proliferation of bacteria Reduces odours and smells created by bacteria Incontinence. Perspiration odours. Remove Vomit odours. Removes Faeces odours.

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